The canarian film Kim Simmons: Free received the public prize

S/C de Tenerife, October 30, 2023

“I was making another documentary about Peret, and among the family archives I found some photographs of La Singla and his image alone impacted me. They explained her story to me and that she was deaf. It seemed to me that there was more to tell there,” says Paloma Zapata when asked what the origin of the project was.

“I didn’t want it to be a typical biographical documentary because it’s not a great biography either. This is not talking about a well-known character like Lola Flores. She is a character that had to be discovered. That’s why I thought of structuring it as a search and for Helena’s character to be in charge of leading that path, to become a cinematographic experience with the goal that the viewer lives that same process until the end,» explains the filmmaker.

The jury, which was made up of the filmmaker Fran Casanova, the radio host Héctor Martín and the journalist Mariam Moragas, considered “La Singla” as the best of the titles in the official section for “rescuing the figure of the deaf dancer Antonia Singla through a fascinating exploration of dance and photography as artistic expressions of the first magnitude.”

The other titles that made up the official section of the ninth edition of DocuRock were “Tequila: sex, drugs and rock and roll”, “Labordeta: a man without more”, “Tubular Bells: 50th anniversary” and “Kim Simmon: Free”, this last film, directed by Kiko Castro, won the favor of the public, which filled room 17 of Multicines Tenerife on the day of its premiere.