Héctor Martín directs and presents the program «Canción a quemarropa» on Canarias Radio. In this radio space, born in 1999, it reviews weekly the musical content that reaches the newsroom related to the so-called «world music», author music and jazz. “Canción a quemarropa”, in the same way, is configured as a web page and with an important arm in the most popular social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

During its almost 25 years of existence, many have been the musicians who have passed through its microphones, giving significant weight to the trajectory of artists from the Canary Islands but without failing to keep an eye on the national and international scene. In this way, awareness of what is going on in these musical styles at all levels is made.

Likewise, Héctor Martín has been an organizer of festivals, musical events and a collaborator with other media, writing chronicles and reviews for some newspapers such as “La Opinión de Tenerife” or lately in the Canary Islands Television program, “We are fantastic people”.


Mariam Moragas is a journalist specializing in Culture. He currently presents the magazine «We are fantastic people», which is broadcast on Televisión Canaria, and which has broadcast more than 500 programs in which the cultural agenda of the Canary Islands is reported in a fun and entertaining way.

Previously, he presented several programs on El Día Televisión such as “El Magacín de Mariam Moragas” and “Esta noche”, in which various current issues were addressed, highlighting cultural issues.

His way of doing journalism has always been characterized by positivity.


Fran Casanova, a filmmaker born in Tenerife, has an extensive audiovisual career that began in the year 2000. He was nominated for Best Fiction Short Film at the 33rd Edition of the Goya Awards (2019), with his work “There is something in the dark. Which has obtained 152 official selections, 28 awards and 20 nominations, highlighting its passage through qualifying Film Festivals for the Oscar, Melies D’Argent, Bafta and Goya Awards.

His latest work, “Mask of Sanity”, won the Best Horror / Thriller Short Film Award at the prestigious Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival (2019) in San Diego, and obtained 52 official selections, 9 awards and 7 nominations. It could be seen on the Amazon Prime platform.

It should be noted that three of his award-winning short films: «Campo de batalla» (2010), «Ayúdame a rememberar» (2012) and «Mask of Sanity» (2018) received production aid from the ICAA.

He has worked as director and scriptwriter of the six «making of» programs of the series «Reinas» (2017), broadcast on TVE. And also as assistant director for two super Hollywood productions recorded in the Canary Islands, «Jason Bourne» (2016) and «Allied» (2016).

He has recently worked as second director in the series «Shine and darkness», and works as an acting teacher for the Film Diploma at the Lecuona School.